Cobalt Rings

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Cobalt Rings 807

This is how it most often looks in my garden. Grown farther north, I think you would see some more of the intricate patterning.

Cobalt Rings

(Petit 2012) Sev. 6-7" fl. 32" sc. Mre. 25 buds. Fertile both ways. Very good rust resistance, and a strong, vigorous grower. The petal self is a pale lavender pink with a deep green throat. The flowers have a complex patterned eye with bands of blue, violet, charcoal and white. The pattern continues around the tightly crimped and heavily ruffled petal edges as a multiple banded burgundy, violet and gold edge. The pattern varies with the weather, sometimes the pattern eye takes up half of the petal surface, and at other times the eye is a bluish lavender. (In my hot climate, I only see patterns very early in the season when night temps are cool.)
(Ruffles Have Ripples x Laws of Illusion)

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